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We recently began holding meetings with live electronic music on ecstatic dance. Already on the first night so many people came to us that we had to close the doors, because unfortunately the room was not a rubber room. People desperately want to dance, it’s obvious! And it’s amazing!

Dance is balm for the soul, it’s the language of our unexpressed and displaced desires, it’s the way home to the very core of our being. And, perhaps, it is one of the most accessible ways to loosen up. We all have a body and it is capable of being a guide to the new world. The body is our connection to manifested reality, and dance is creative interaction with the world. And it is through movement that we can fully experience the taste of life, to feel ourselves alive.

Dance helps us tune into our own inner worlds, tell us the story of our soul, tell us about our deepest desires. Dance became an international language of communication, uniting thousands of people of different cultures, religions and ages. Dance is a language that allows us to communicate with the world and its inhabitants without words, analysis or control. Dance is freedom.

However, very many people refuse not only to dance, but to move freely and freely in general, to manifest as a whole through movement. Usually this happens under the pretext that they do not know how to do it, and all because there are very one-sided standards, which we suddenly thought of to be equal to. And this peerage looks like a denial of one’s uniqueness. And each of us came to this planet to tell our own story, not to retell someone else’s.

There is another important reason that puts a ban on our individual dance: perfectionism. Yes, yes, that very clinging to perfection and the desire to be better than others. However, our body does not care how our dance will look from the outside, it is enough to move, but the mind is just strongly concerned about this. We have to accept our body. The ego greedily needs praise, superiority, perfection, and competition. The body just needs to move.

It is necessary and possible to connect with the body. You can start by simply locking yourself in a room and letting yourself move to your favorite tunes. Let it be timid, let it be not as you would like it, but these will be the first steps of emancipation. Play with images from your favorite movies, try on different moods, movements, and facial expressions.

The point is to allow and allow yourself to be different/different, allow your body to move and take it without seriousness, playfully, easily and carefree. Allow yourself to dance more often and without reason, let your dance be the key to love, freedom and harmony.

Dance: friendship with the bodyBe in harmony with yourself and the world
Maria Shakti

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